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Wednesday Reading Corners!

During the pandemic, we all had a lot more time than we have ever been accustomed to! That led to a lot of thinking, hypothesising and rollercoaster emotional rides for many. So we at @lifeandlemonadetv decided to bring a bit of light and information to you, our community. We're big on reading, as it's has always been a guide for us and as such we thought it might bring some ease to share our readings with you. With no idea of how it would go and how it would be received by you, we started sharing a new space with you on Wednesdays! To our surprise, many of you loved it and joined us weekly! 14 weeks later, we were a little reading club with regulars and open, flowing discussion on the subject matter of the books! We are truly grateful and we look forward to sharing more reading corners along our journey together!

If you've enjoyed our reading corners, share your love below!

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