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The Origin Story Exercise by Drima Starlight

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

This exercise was an exciting discovery in one of our weekly Wednesday Reading Corners, during Quarantine. The book of the day was "The Buddha and The Badass" by Vishen Lakhiani and the chapter was "Uncover Your Soulprint" which focused on the importance of each individual understanding that their purpose on this earth is as unique as their fingerprint!!

One of the ways to discover what your "soulprint" might be is to determine your foundational values; the things you've come to embody through the unique experiences of your life. The exercise to do that is "The Origin Story Exercise"! We loved it so much that we designed the exercise for the benefit of YOU - our LL family! Download below, enjoy and leave us a comment, if this has impacted your life!

#soulprint #wellness #personaldevelopment #workshop

The Origin Story exercise final
Download PDF • 1.78MB

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