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Literally one of the hot topics of 2020! For us at Life and Lemonade, purpose has been a very essential part of personal development. We believe it to be the solid foundation upon which a meaningful and fulfilling life is built. We believe in it so strongly, that with the introduction of our very first webinar (**confetti**), this September, we made purpose the focus and we partnered with Business and Purpose Coach in excellence - Shelly-Ann Gajadhar of Alphastute Limited to deliver the teaching! Alphastute has been an instrumental part of our own development and we have witnessed the greatness that have manifested in hundreds of her clients! Of course, we had to bring access to this level of excellence over to you!

Life and Lemonade TV is committed to the personal development of our community and will continue to be the safe space for inspirational stories, access to resources, courses and webinars! Thank you to those of you who enrolled with us for the first of many webinars!!! We honour you!! To those who may have missed it, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter (here) and follow us on Instagram and Youtube to be in the know!! There's so much more to come!

If you've experienced our Purpose In Action Webinar, please leave a review below or simply send us some love. Love, Light and Possibility. xx

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