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Meet some of our guests!

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Bianca Golden

America's Next Top Model Alum and Fashion Model turn Middle School Teacher - a story of transformation, reinvention and finding purpose.


Karl Kani

 Designer to the stars like Tupac, Biggie, Aaliyah, Michael Jackson in the 80s. Dropped from the top of his game to being out of the market for almost a decade - a story of rags to riches; of resilience and resurgence.

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Release date: December 22

Ugo Mozie

Born in a village in Nigeria, fled to the USA with his family; now Celebrity stylist living in Hollywood and the voice of sustainable African fashion. A story of redirection, survival and reshaping the status quo.


My Why?

This was everything I needed as a teenager and in my early twenties while trying to navigate the pain of childhood trauma and circumstance. As I am growing older and shedding layers of my past, returning to my authentic self and to love, I feel called to show up in the world as the love I needed when I was younger. This is my Why.


Why now? Two words: Los Angeles. 

A year and a half ago I moved to LA; a decision that was meant to be the valiant "right thing" I was doing for my authentic self. I had spent the last 10 years of my life running from myself and living various versions of life that just did not speak to my soul. LA was the representation of all things that were right - life, love and purpose. Then I got here...and whew chile, reality check after reality check and once again life brought me to my knees. The search for my truth continues and I as journeyed, as I got honest, as I enquired and I shared, I found incredible truths in others that not only inspired healing but made me realize that we are never alone, in any of the challenges we face.

The catalog at Life and Lemonade TV includes interviews and stories of incredible people who show us, example after example, that life's lemons can always be turned into lemonade. 

Leah Marville is a Barbadian model - turn lawyer - turn beauty queen - turn back to model

and now the storyteller and visionary behind this show.


On this season we discuss topics such as courage, identity, love, fear and the determination to go on.

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